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IRS Asking Some Taxpayers to Verify Their ID


IRS Asking Some Taxpayers to Verify Their ID


A website has been created to assist in the process.

In an effort to help combat ID theft as it affects tax returns, IRS is now asking some taxpayers to verify their identification.  IRS has set up some filters to try to find possible returns that are not from the real taxpayer.  The details of these filters are not public knowledge.  But taxpayers whose returns trigger some of these filters may get an IRS Letter 5071C asking them to verify their identification.

The letter tells these taxpayers to go to and answer some identification questions.  Once the taxpayer answers the questions accurately, IRS will complete the processing of their tax returns.  The letter also tells the taxpayer to expect their return to be processed in approximately six weeks.  This is a lot longer than normal processing but it is an effort to help stop bogus tax refunds from going out.  As normal, taxpayers should never spend their refunds nor count on receiving them until they actually get them.

This identification verification process is only available to taxpayers who receive the Letter 5071C.  Taxpayers who did not receive this letter should not try to use the ID verification.

Of course we know thieves may eventually fake this letter and direct taxpayers to go to a different web site to “verify” their ID.  This different web site will probably ask questions about the taxpayer’s bank account or credit card information so the thieves can steal from the taxpayer.  Taxpayers are cautioned that IRS is sending these letters out BEFORE the refunds is issued and IRS will not be calling them.

If a taxpayer receives one of these letters AFTER already receiving the refund, it is a good chance the letter is not real.  You are encouraged to contact our office since you may be a victim of identify theft.

More information on these letters can be found at the following links: